Time Out – Cov 19

Time Out Club working during COV -19

The trustees and staff recognise that careful planning is essential to keep the children and our staff safe and to limit the spread of Covid-19 within our setting.

Children remain in their year group bubbles during breakfast club and afterschool club.

Whilst outdoors, children attending Time Out Club are allocated their own space in the playground and remain in year group bubbles.

Each year group bubble has their own set of equipment to use during our sessions which are stored in sealed bags. These are cleaned regularly.

Each child is allocated their own pencil case containing craft items.

Time Out Club has access to three spaces within Manland School to ensure that we can maintain social distancing at all times.

More information about COV19 and the NHS can be found here.


What are Time Out Clubs policies during COV – 19?

The trustees and staff have carefully planned and assessed Time Out Club. You can download and view our COV19 Policy and associated Risk Assessments below.

Time Out Working during COV-19

The trustees of Time Out Club have agreed on the following short-term measures to help the club through COV19. These measures, which will be continually reviewed are as follows:

• The fee for Breakfast club (7.30am – 8.30am) will be £6.50

• The fee for Afterschool club will be £6.50 per session (Session One 3.15pm – 4.15pm and Session Two 4.15 – 5.30pm)

• Cancellations, for anything other than Cov-19, will no longer be refunded.

• Sibling discounts will be suspended temporarily.

• We will close at 5.30pm on Monday-Thursday. No tea will be served but snacks and drinks will be provided.

• There will be no afterschool club on a Friday.

Bookings and Ad-hoc Bookings

The Booking process for registered parents has not altered.

Regular booking requests can be made via our website.

Ad-hoc bookings for registered parents can be made via Cheqdin. Please state clearly the name/s of your child/children, the date the booking is required and the time of expected collection. However, due to staff and space limitations we cannot guarantee ad-hoc booking availability.

We continue to invoice in arrears and payment is required within 14 days from date of invoice. Failure to pay will result in cancellation of bookings/registrations.

Our terms and conditions can be read below