Registration & Bookings

All families who wish to use Time Out Club are required to register with us.

The registration fee is £17.50 and is renewable annually.

We invite all existing parents and new starters to register with us during the summer term for the academic year. However, registrations can also be made during the school year. We are happy to receive late registrations for last minute childcare requirements.

We recommend requesting a regular booking if you have specific childcare requirements.

Apply to Register with Time Out Club

This is a pre-application for Time Out.

All families must register with our childcare management system (Cheqdin). If you are new to Time Out Club, please fill in the form below and we will send you a link to complete your registration.

If you have previously registered, you must also complete the form below to re-register for the current year. If you have any changes to make (addresses, emergency contacts etc), please inform us in the notes section.

Our Privacy Policy and booking Terms and Conditions can be viewed below.